The Not-So-Secret Recommendation Series

I’ve been wanting to create a series of recommendation posts to share some of the self-help, motivational, educational, future-oriented media I consume, in hopes that you too may benefit from this awesome information. The trouble is, probably like you, I consume A LOT of this type of media. So I have decided to break it down in chunks.

The next post will be Installment #1 in the Books/Audiobooks category. Please utilize these upcoming list-posts to discover books that you may have otherwise missed. I personally subscribe to dozens of newsletters and recommendation channels, so I know what it’s like searching for stuff to feed my brain.
I hope you find something you need here.

My plan is to continue the first series, (Books/Audiobooks), until we catch up on the list of books urgently needing recommendation, then move into the other categories.

Future categories will likely include Podcasts, Youtube Channels, Movies, Magazines, etc.

Stay tuned!

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