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New book just in time for the holidays

It’s launch day!

The first installment in the Not-So-Secret Secret Secrets Series is free for a few days only! After that the price will go up. Make sure you get your copy while it’s free.

Many new theories pertaining to success are actually re-interpretations of tried and true knowledge. If we actually pay attention to what we’ve been told over and over, we find clear patterns in success teachings. This volume looks at some of the things that have been said about achievement throughout the ages, and then contrasts and compares them with more recent advice.

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More than just a standard book of quotes, although it has an abundance of great ones, this book explores many different aspects of success and motivation and uses the quotations to highlight themes common to those subjects.

If you enjoy reading and pondering quotations, and you also like reading motivational books, this book is for you. But if you don’t grab it in the next few days, you’ll miss the free promo.


Not-So-Secret Secrets of Success

The first book in the Not-So-Secret Series will be available for purchase soon. Be sure to join the newsletter, as I’ll be sending out a message when it’s available as a free download during the launch promotion.

If you love quotations and absorbing their wisdom, you’ll find much to ponder in Not-So-Secret Secrets of Success. Applying the framework of Napoleon Hill’s famous self-help book Think and Grow Rich, quotes from ancient and modern history are categorized and compared. You will discover that many teachings about self-improvement are timeless, universal, and “not-so-secret” after all.

It is my goal to re-introduce these success principles and words of encouragement to anyone who needs them.